We own, operate, and manage our vessels, and FSRU with exceptional performances.

GTSI is the first Indonesian LNG shipping company, GTSI has been providing LNG logistic services for 30 years.

Since the beginning of the establishment of its business group, GTSI is committed to fostering good relations with various parties, especially with the Government and maritime authorities, vendors providing ship equipment and components, as well as charterers.
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GTSI Vital Role in LNG Supply Chain to Distribute Clean Energy.

To overcome the challenges of distributing natural gas to power plant locations as well as other end users that are spread throughout Indonesia and not connected to the gas pipeline network, GTSI is distributing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by sea transport, while maintaining cost efficiency. Aside from logistic distribution, LNG also requires storage and regasification infrastructure before it can be utilized by power plants and industries.

Over a 30-years track record in LNG shipping excellence.

GTSI ensures optimum operational excellence through supervision of LNG vessels and FSRU construction, safety operation, experienced all Indonesian crew-members, and safety regulations compliance.
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We deliver the best to the very best in the LNG industry.

As a leading LNG Logistic, Storage, and Infrastructure, GTSI pledges safety and sustainability, passion, integrity, innovation, and teamwork in our business activities to our growing number of clients and partners. We believe our competency levels are reflected in the esteemed list of clients and partners we serve.
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