One Stop Service LNG Partner.

The shipping industry is protected with the cabotage regulation and the group’s strong track record and network with its key clients enables the industry to have a high barrier to entry. The group is the largest LNG shipping company in Indonesia, operating 93% market share (52% with its owned vessel) for the LNG carrier market, while 32% for FSRU market. The industry only has a handful of potential lessor and only very selective LNG vessels and FSRU operators, given its niche market. The Indonesia government’s roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions close to 29% by 2030 and aggressive 35 gigawatt power plant projects as urbanization and digitalization increasingly require electricity usage should increase demand for natural gas power plants that have accounted for the second largest user for power generators.

The excellence performance over 30 years experience in LNG logistics, storages and infrastructures enriches GTSI capabilities, competencies to become reliable partners. GTSI pledges safety and sustainability, passion, integrity, innovation, and teamwork in all our business activities to our growing number of clients and partners.

With its experience and resources, GTSI is able to offer effective and efficient solutions by comparing the benefits from investment of new vessels to conversion of existing vessels, in order to meet operational, technical and economic needs of the LNG project to be developed. This is in line with GTSI's spirit as “One Stop Service” for domestic LNG business.

LNG Charters

In 30 years of experience, GTSI owns and operates LNG vessels with excellent performance to fulfil customer satisfaction. The LNG vessels are manned by an experienced and competent Indonesian crew that meets international shipping standards certificates and requirements. Up to now, GTSI is a leading and pioneer in LNG shipping.

GTSI has been providing LNGC charter services for more than 30 years. GTSI currently owns two LNG carriers with international certifications and licenses, i.e. Ekaputra 1 and Triputra. Ekaputra 1 is owned through HSB, while Triputra is owned through BIS.

Both LNG carriers are contributing to LNG energy distribution to vital and strategic power plants in Jakarta areas, South of Sumatra, North of Sumatra, Bali and North of Sulawesi.

Storage & Regasification

In 2018 the Company developed a new potential segment in the future, namely FSRU. FSRU and FSU will be the backbone of the Company's revenue as we advance and become a sustainable business. Apart from serving as LNG transportation, its subsidiary from the LNG transportation segment acts as the manager of the energy distribution infrastructure. Through this transformation, it is hoped that the Company can make a better contribution to all of its Stakeholders. The LNG business will significantly contribute through the government conversion project to fuel LNG for PLN power plants.


Besides contributing to the PLN power plant conversion project to utilize LNG as fuel, GTSI in collaboration with PT Pertamina (Persero) and international partners from Japan, participated in the Jawa Satu FSRU Project through its subsidiary. The FSRU vessel has been successfully built, ready to be operated and fully supported by ship management and crew management at FSRU Jawa Satu.


The Company, through its subsidiaries, has signed a project implementation agreement with PT PLN Gas & Geothermal for 15 years and the FSRU Amurang has been producing LNG regasification to Power Plant since September 2019.

Ship Management

LNGC and FSRU operations require a very high level of operational and technical complexity as well as aspects of Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environmental (QS-SHE) which can’t be compromised by all stakeholders. From the commercial perspective, LNGC and FSRU require substantial operating costs; accuracy in terms of time and cost management are critical aspects to be considered.

Through its subsidiary (HLI), the ship management business line bridges GTSI’s and its group’s business, because all operating ships require ship management services that require special qualifications and certifications. Until now, there’re very few domestic companies that were able to provide LNGC & FSRU vessel management services.
The Ship Management ensures each vessel is operating and managed appropriately following Regulations, industry requirements such as SIRE, TMSA, and ISO standard for Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) & OHSAS (ISO 18001).

Ship Management Services Including

  • Prepare, monitor and  record plans for ship  operations.
  • Prepare, monitor, report, and settle the budget.
  • Monitoring and implementing Plan Maintenance Program and docking schedule.
  • Provide  training  and  education to crew, well-trained Indonesian crewmembers up to Master rank, and Chief Engineer.
  • Prepare, monitor and report obligations on tax and financial audits.

We deliver the best to the very best in the LNG industry.

GTSI seeks positive corporate growth through strategic global partnerships. As a leading LNG Logistic, Storage, and Infrastructure, GTSI pledges safety and sustainability, passion, integrity, innovation, and teamwork in our business activities to our growing number of clients and partners.

We believe our competency levels are reflected in the esteemed list of clients and partners we serve. We deliver the best to the very best in the LNG industry.
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